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Piping Contractors

Piping Turnkey Projects

Thermopack Boiler Services undertake Piping Turnkey Projects which Includes Utility Piping Turnkey Projects and Process Piping Turnkey Projects Beginning from

• Concept, Designing and Detailing of Piping Systems.
• Designing of Piping Layout.
• Selection of Piping Material and Its Grade for Pipe, Fittings and Valves as Per its Technical Aspects and Application.
• Support Design and Fabrication.
• Piping Material Take off (MTO) / Bill of Material (BOM).
• Piping Fabrication along with Piping Erection.
• Piping Insulations.
• Testing and Commissioning of Piping Systems.

We provide Complete Piping Engineering Solutions for Utility Piping Systems which includes Steam Boiler Piping, Non IBR Steam Boiler Piping, Thermic Fluid Heater Piping, Hot Water Generator Piping, Waste Heat Recovery Unit Piping, Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Piping, Air Preheater Ducting / Piping, Hot Air Generator Piping and Ducting, Cooling Tower Piping, Chiller Piping or Chilling Plant Piping, Compressed Air Piping, Raw Water Piping, Furnace Oil Piping Heating System, LDO Piping, Diesel Piping, Gas Piping with Auto Instrumentation, Fuel Oil Piping, Manifold Piping Distribution System and Many Other Utility Piping for Industrial Plants.

For Process Piping Systems we provide Complete Piping Engineering Solutions for Reactors Piping, Pressure Vessel Piping, Distillation column piping, Glass Lined Reactor (GLR) Piping, Hydrogenator Piping, DM Water Piping, Holding Tanks Piping, Syrup Holding Tank Piping, Batch Cooker Piping, Continuous Cooker Piping, RBD Service Tank Piping, Vacuum Pump Piping, Jacketed Piping, Manifold Piping Distribution System and Many More Industrial Process Piping

Thermopack Boiler Services Believes in Providing Quality Work to Client So Materials used for Fabrication of Pipeline Works are of Standards Companies and Standard Material Grades Confirming to ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API Standards, IS Standards.

We have Facility for Fabrication of Pipelines of Following Materials:
a)ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API Standards of Different Schedules such as Carbon Steel A53 Gr A, A53 Gr B, A 106 Gr A, A 106 Gr B, API 5L Gr A, API 5L Gr B, Carbon Steel Fittings of Forged Fittings and Wrought Fittings of Standard Grades such as A105, A 234 WPA, A234 WPB and Many Other Grade Fittings.
b)IS Standards Mild Steel (M.S. Piping) and Galvanized Iron (G.I. Piping) based on Light Class, Medium Class, Heavy Class.
c)Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings (S.S. Piping) of S.S. 304, S.S. 316 and Different S.S. Grades and Other Different Alloy Steels.
d)Plastic Materials with Respect to Pressure Ratings and as per its Schedule Thickness such as HDPE, UPVC, CPVC, PVC.

For Hygiene Reasons in Food, Beverages and Dairy Industries, Pharmaceuticals Plants we use Pipe, Fittings and Valves as per Dairy Piping Standards / Sanitary Piping Standards as per Food Grade Specifications. The Technic we use for Joining’s of Pipe and Fittings are by Dairy Tube Expander without Welding Joints which gives no Welding Burr Formation in Pipe and Fittings and in Critical Area where Welding is Required We Perform Welding Joints by TIG Welding (Argon Gas Welding).

We undertake Piping Turnkey Projects for Chemical Plants, Oil Distillation Plant, Confectionary Plant, Jelly Manufacturing Plant, Biscuit manufacturing Plant, Bakery Manufacturing Plant, Dairy Industries, Wire Drawing Plant, Dyeing Plant, Textile Industries, Construction Industries, Hotel and Laundries, Rubber Industries Plant, Engineering Plants and Many Other Plants.