• Spectra B-503/504, Palava

Jacketed Piping Systems

Jacketed Piping Contractors (Heat Tracing of Piping Systems)

Jacketed Piping Contractors

  • ❖ For Many Chemical Processes and Food Processes Jacketed Piping (Heat Tracing of Piping Systems) is Required to Maintain the Fluid in Liquid Stage preventing it from Getting Solidify.
  • ❖ Maintain the Viscosity and Temperature of Fluid throughout the Piping Systems
  • ❖ Designing and Fabrication of Jacketed Piping for Heating Systems.
  • ❖ Heating of jacketed Piping can be done by Steam, Hot Water, Thermic Fluid.
  • ❖ Designing and Fabrication of Water Cooled Jacketed Piping for Cooling Systems as Many Processes and applications Requires Cooling of Fluid Inside Piping.
  • ❖ Connections for Circulation of Cooling Water in Jacketed Piping is done by S.S. Flexible Pipe or Hydraulic Rubber Hose Pipe and its Fittings for Easy Connections and Operations of Jacketed Piping and Ease for Maintenance.
  • ❖ Design and Fabrication of Manifold Piping Systems for Jacketed Fluid such as Steam, Hot Water, Thermal Oil for Transfer of Jacketed Fluid to Various Locations to Jacketed Piping.
  • ❖ Selection of Pipe Size and Pipe Thickness Depending on Heat Required to Transfer to Fluids.
  • ❖ Selection of Jacketed material and its Grades as per Application of Piping Systems.
  • ❖ Design and Fabrication of Rest Supports for Jacketed Piping to Sustain Loads due to Dead Weight of Pipe, Fittings, Valve, jacketed Pipe, Motive Fluid, Fluid with the Distance between supports are as per Piping Engineering Standards.
  • ❖ Jacketed Piping Material Take off (MTO) / Bill of Material (BOM).
  • ❖ Fabrication of Jacketed Piping as per General Engineering Standards and Practices.
  • ❖ Fabrication of M.S. Jacketed Piping, S.S. 304 Jacketed Piping, S.S. 316 Jacketed Piping.
  • ❖ Erection of Jacketed Piping.
  • ❖ Hydraulic and Pneumatic Testing of Jacketed Piping to Check Weld Joint Leakages in Jacketed Piping, Checking of Leakages in Flange Joints, Checking of Leakages in Threaded Connections.
  • ❖ Commissioning of Jacketed Piping.