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Fuel Storage Tank Fabrications

Fuel Storage Tanks Fabricators

Fuel Storage Tank Fabrications
Fuel Storage Tank Fabrications

  • ❖ We Provide Designing, Fabrication, Erection of Storage Tanks for Furnace Oil (F.O. Tank), Boiler Feed Water Tank, Diesel Tank, LDO Tank (Light Diesel Oil Tank), Thermal Oil Tank, Condense Water Tank, Water Service Tank, Process Tanks for Chemicals and Food Industries, Raw Water Tanks, Over Head Steel Tanks and Many Other Tanks as per Customer Requirements.
  • ❖ Our Technical Team Provide Material Take off (MTO) / Bill of Material (BOM) for Storage Tanks with Minimum Wastage of Material.
  • ❖ The Designing of Storage Tank is Done on Technical aspects of Tanks such as Capacity of Tanks, Pressure and Temperature of Fluid inside the Tank, Type of Fluid to be stored in Tanks, No of Nozzles Required, Positioning of Nozzles, Orientation of Nozzles, Sizing and Positioning of Manhole and Many Other Technical Requirements and Customer Requirements.
  • ❖ Based on its Applications We Designed the Height of the Tanks Required.
  • ❖ Providing Level Indicators in Tanks for Checking of Level of Fluid.
  • ❖ Installation and Providing Electrical Heaters for Heating Purposes to Maintain some Viscous Fluid at Desired Temperatures.
  • ❖ Material Selected for Fabrication of Fuel Storage Tanks is as per its applications and Type of Fuel.
  • ❖ Material used for Fabrication are of Standard Materials and Grade of Standard Companies.
  • ❖ Thermopack Boiler Services Can Fabricate Tanks of Carbon Steel Tanks, Mild Steel Tanks (M.S. Tanks), Stainless Steels Tanks (S.S. Tanks) of Grade S.S. 304 Tank, S.S. 316 Tank.
  • ❖ We also Provide 3-D Modelling of Tanks for Proper View of Tanks which is to be Fabricated for Customers so they can have Better Idea and View of Tank and Can make Necessary Changes in Design if Customer Requires Which Leads to Proper Fabrication of Tanks with Minimum Material Loss and Time.
  • ❖ Thermopack Boiler Services Can Fabricate Storage Tanks at Site to Save Transportation Charges as well as Saving of Delivery Time.
  • ❖ We can Fabricate Rectangular Storage Tank, Square Storage Tank, Cylindrical Tank as per Customer Specifications and Applications.

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